Jerk Chicken Quesadilla

This is the best Chicken Quesadilla Recipe made by me, Morola Aina.

A pictue of a chicken Quesadilla

Here is a list of Ingredients needed:


  1. Add oil or butter to a pan
  2. Add Seasoned chicken to pan
  3. One tablespoon of a lemon
  4. Let cook until brown or whatever your preference
  5. Take it out and in the same pan, without changing the oil, add a Tortilla
  6. Flip the Tortilla to the other side when golden
  7. Add the chicken to one half of the tortilla
  8. Add cheese to the other half
  9. Add onions if you like
  10. Use a Spatula to fold
  11. Leave on fire for about 2 mins more
  12. Take out and pair with any sauce you like
  13. Make sure to enjoy!

The first time I ever had a quesadilla was as recent as a year ago and I absolutely fell in love. The ingredients just compliment each other and it tastes amazing.

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